Senator Malala forced to share academic papers after rumors of being unqualified

Malala shared copies of his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) as well as his university certificate.

The senator said the Commission for University Education CUE had approved the papers and directed the Independent electoral and boundaries commission to clear him for the race.

“The Commission for University Education (CUE) has duly certified and recognized my academic credentials and henceforth advised the IEBC to clear me to contest in the August 2022 gubernatorial election, Kakamega county,” the Senator wrote on Facebook.

“Those who cherish propaganda, feel ashamed. Attached are the true copies of my academic accolades, ” wrote Malala.

The move by the senator comes shortly after he was forced to apologize to the National Police Service after making remarks about officers during a rally.

Senator Malala had claimed that the police service was a preserve of school dropouts and people without academic strengths.

The politician said that the NPS does not require highly skilled people because the job description is “unsophisticated.”

A police officer, he claimed, is simply responsible for handling a firearm and hence does not require technical knowledge, which would push them to continue their education.

Provided they got two arms and legs, let them join the police service. A police service job only entails handling firearms, which does not need training. Let those who have passed their examinations go to universities as those who failed and dropped out join the police service,“Malala said.

In his defense, the senator said his comments were taken out of context noting that the importance of the police officers cannot be underestimated.

“Their importance to us cannot be underscored. It is in light of this that I wish to withdraw my remarks and apologize to our disciplined forces for the discomfort my remarks may have caused ” read his apology on Facebook.


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