Jamshedpur’s Ansuman now in list of famous writers of Jharkhand

Jamshedpur, April 16: In the field of art in Jamshedpur city, the youth are spreading their feet rapidly, while in the field of literature and writing, the youth of Jamshedpur city are taking their name to the top of the heights, and at the same time the name of their city is also illuminated.
In the field of writing, Ansuman Bhagat seems to be growing rapidly in the headlines, now his name has also come in the category of famous writers of Jharkhand. Although already there have been many famous writers in Jamshedpur who have made their mark in writing and this is visible in today’s young generation as well.

Ansuman was born in Jamshedpur city of Jharkhand, he is making a mark among the people with his contribution in literature. In the year 2018 Ansuman Bhagat’s first book “Your Own Thought” which was published by Invisible Publisher of Delhi and till now four books have been published. Bhagat’s fourth book “Ek Safar Mein” recently published by Authors Tree Publishing House has tried to acquaint the readers with the inner truth of the film world, the importance of texts in life and the reality of life as a whole.

Everyone wants to be aware of the glare of the film world, but when it comes to making their dreams come true, many difficulties arise. But if we have true devotion and dedication, we can go ahead by tearing even the biggest of troubles. In this hope, Ansuman Bhagat went from Jamshedpur to Mumbai to become an actor, but it is said that some things are visible from afar and after coming closer, some people come out of Mumbai not only as actors but directors, Writers, musicians and many other arts emerge. And today Ansuman Bhagat is known as a writer.

Ansuman Bhagat was fond of writing since childhood, but only after coming to Mumbai in the true sense, his interest in writing increased and when given a chance, Ansuman sometimes wrote some thoughts going on in his own mind in his mobile or diary. Used to do Ansuman Bhagat says that the things which we can not tell by saying to anyone, by the way, by giving my words in the form of a book through writing, I can be able to reach my words to the people, writing gives us literature as well as our It plays a huge role in keeping it connected with culture and heritage. This is the reason that his interest in writing increased day by day and till now he has written four books and these four books have come in the category of bestselling on Amazon. At present Ansuman Bhagat is currently working on his fifth book which is based on politics.

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