Bestselling Author Chris Grabenstein visits Marion County students

“I need three volunteers who are not afraid of making a fool of themselves in public,” Author Chris Grabenstein announced Thursday from the stage of the Palace Theater to a full house of Marion County third through fifth grade students.

With a silly sense of humor, funny voices and the personality of the stand-up comedian he once was, the New York Times Bestselling Author had the kids laughing in their seats throughout his entire presentation, absorbing his writing advice of “show, don ‘ t tell “and” do not be boring “through their laughter.

Chris Grabenstein invited three students from each presentation on stage with him to help illustrate the power of strong verbs as he had them walk and strut across the stage.

A graduate of the University of Tennessee in communication, Grabenstein moved to New York City with seven suitcases of typewriters and $ 1,000 to land a writing job in hopes of making it as a comedian. He then spent many years working in advertising before experiencing a personal tragedy and realized that life is short: he wanted to be a writer.

“Fortunately, I had saved up enough money that I could quit. That’s my advice to all young people. Save up some money,” he joked.

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