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Hyderabad: After a gap of two years, teachers are once again forced to get more children for new admissions as school managements have given them admission targets.
In most cases, admissions are linked with salaries or increments. Further, though children are having half-day schools, teachers are continuing to work full-day collecting data to improve admissions and preparing study material or worksheets, among others. “Ever since the half-day schools started, we are forced to double-up as marketing agents. Until 11.30 am, we are preparing students for exams and during the afternoon we are forced to go for campaigning, ”said a high school Telugu teacher working at a private school in Dilsukhnagar.
The teacher said that the management has given a target of a minimum of five admissions to each teacher. “We are forced to campaign between 1 pm and 4.30 pm to get these admissions. Daily, we have to go to school at around 4.30pm and submit details collected on that day and follow up with parents during the weekend, ”the teacher added.
Teachers said that irrespective of whether it is a holiday or working day, they are forced to go outside in the scorching heat due to which the health of many teachers is deteriorating. They said that although they are offered an incentive of 500 or 1,000, it is not worth campaigning for admissions. “The managements are threatening to not pay us for April and May if we do not get new admissions. Some are openly saying that we will be sacked if we fail to get admissions, ”said a physics teacher working at a private school. The teacher said that the school has set a target of 10 new admissions for each teacher.
The Telangana Private Teachers Forum (TPTF) said that due to campaigning teachers are losing respect in society. “Many are assuming that teachers are campaigning for money. The truth is that we are forced to do it to save our jobs. Many teachers’ health is deteriorating, there are also cases where women teachers are ill-treated, ”said Shabir Ali, president, TPTF.
The private school managements, meanwhile, said they have no option except to send teachers for campaigning in order to survive the competition. “We had no new admissions in the last couple of years. Many students left our schools during the pandemic. If we want to survive, we need teachers to go for campaigning. Hiring marketing agents will not yield the same result as parents would not trust some unknown person, ”said Shekhar Rao Y, president, TRSMA.


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