Nicolas Cage Just Wants His Stolen Comic Books Back

It’s no secret that Nicolas Cage is a big fan of comics. The iconic actor almost played Superman, played Ghost Rider, and even named his son Kal-El. Cage previously owned a bunch of high valued comics, including Action Comics # 1, which features the debut of Superman. In 2000, those comics were stolen from Cage’s home, but some were recovered in 2011. Cage then went on to sell Action Comics # 1 for a record $ 2.1 million. However, not all of the comics were recovered, including Cage’s copy of Detective Comics # 27. In fact, all these years later, Cage is still hoping his missing comics will be returned. The actor is currently promoting his new film, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talentand a new promo for the movie shows him pleading for his comics.

Cage was answering questions, including what actual treasure he could steal if he had the chance since his National Treasure character went after the Declaration of Independence. “I just want to get my comic books back,” Cage shared. “They were stolen, you know, I bought those books at a really good price and now they are treasures that are in the $ 10 million range. Someone has them in a treasure chest somewhere and I – please give them back, because I could do a lot with that. I could donate it to charity at this point. ” You can check out the video, which includes a fake hotline number, below:

Cage has been answering a lot of fun questions this month in honor of his upcoming movie. Yesterday, it was revealed that the actor wants to be in a Muppet movie. Cage also took part in a Reddit AMA last week and shared some fun facts about his career. He revealed his favorite Nic Cage movies, shared that he wanted David Lynch to appear in Massive Talentand said he’d be down to make a Face / Off 2. One fan asked if Cage had any dream roles, and the actor revealed he’d like to play Jules Verne’s, Captain Nemo.

In The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, Cage plays himself alongside Pedro Pascal, who portrays a billionaire super-fan of Cage’s who hires the actor to come to his birthday party.‘s Patrick Cavanaugh called the movie “a charming and authentic celebration of Nicolas Cage” in his review, which is exactly why we’ve been brushing up on the actor’s filmography. Previously, we hosted a Face / Off watch party and we’ll be back on Twitter for a Ghost Rider watch party on April 16th at 9 PM CT.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent hits theaters on April 22nd.


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