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Book to Action has begun again in Lake County and will continue throughout the month of April with several free events.

This Saturday, April 16th, the Lakeport library branch will host a cooking class to help patrons apply the principles in The Blue Zones of Happiness by Dan Buettner.

Book to Action is a free book club that includes not only book discussions, but also “action” events to help Lake County residents apply the material of the book to their lives. Libraries across the state are participating with book selections unique to their community. This year, Book to Action is providing free copies of The Blue Zones of Happiness (first come, first serve), which residents can pick up at any of the four library branches: Lakeport, Middletown, Redbud, or Upper Lake. Digital copies are also freely available.

In partnership with Blue Zones Project Lake County, the Lake County Library branches will be hosting the following book discussions and events:

Book Discussion: April 16, Upper Lake at 12:00 pm (on zoom and in-person)

Cooking Class: Participants may take a cooking class with CalFresh and Blue Zones Project Lake County on April 16th at the Lakeport branch at 10:00 am

Book Discussion: April 20, Lakeport Branch at 12:00 pm (on zoom)

Book Discussion: April 21, Clearlake Branch at 2: oopm (on zoom)

Presentation: The presentation will be on The Blue Zones of Happiness by Dan Buettner. Participants can take a test to learn about their body’s health and sign up for a walking group. The presentation will take place on April 23rd at the Middletown Branch at 10:00 am.

Walking Group: Participants may join walking groups and hike on April 23rd at Robert Louis Stevenson Park at 1:00 pm.

Book Discussion: April 27, Middletown Branch at 1:00 pm (in person)

Book Discussion: April 30, Clearlake Branch at 3:00 pm (on zoom)

Cooking Class: Participants may take a cooking class with CalFresh and Blue Zones Project Lake County on April 30th at Middletown at 10:00 am.

The first two events, a Blue Zones Project Lake County presentation and a hike at Highland Springs, took place on Saturday, April 9th. “Both went well,” says event coordinator Amy Patton. Patrons used the Chromebooks library to take the ‘Real Age’ test. And during the hike that afternoon, the flowers and the weather were perfect! The Middletown Library will form another walking group on April 23rd. ”

The library clubs (Book Cub, Cookbook Club, Yarn Club, and Creative Club) are also participating.

The full calendar of events is available at all library branches and is posted on the library website at Interested residents can sign up in person at the library or on the library website. Informational flyers are available at the library.

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The County Department of Public Services Parks Division and Lake County Department of Public Health CalFresh Program will also be providing speakers, materials, and more for the program.

Visit the Lake County Library Website at

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