Romance queen Emily Henry does it again with ‘Book Lovers’

Books about books are like the main character of a movie saying “my life is so not a movie ”- they’re oddly self-aware and reassuring. You meet characters who also love the musty smell of libraries and appreciate the rush of purchasing a new book. Emily Henry’s newest contemporary romance “Book Lovers” is exactly what its title suggests – it’s a book about book lovers talking about books like it’s their job (hint: it is).

At the beginning of the story, Nora Stephens meets Charlie Lastra, and the two do not exactly hit it off. She’s a no-nonsense literary agent and he’s a brooding book editor, but their potential working relationship immediately turns sour the moment Charlie says he’s not interested in editing Nora’s favorite client’s book, “Once in a Lifetime.” Much to Charlie’s dismay, the book becomes a bestseller two years later.

When Nora’s younger and very pregnant sister, Libby, convinces her to take a much-needed girls’ trip, the two travel to the small town of Sunshine Falls, setting “Once in a Lifetime,” for a month. Inspired by the book, Libby comes up with a vacation bucket list to ensure the two have their own life-changing small-town adventure. Nora’s plan to lie low and enjoy her vacation is ruined when she bumps into Charlie – again and again. As if Sunshine Falls was not small enough, they are thrown together to work on her client’s new book, but Nora can not ignore the biggest plot twist yet: she and Charlie actually work well together. Just as Nora and Charlie grapple with their connection in a new setting, they begin to wonder if their relationship will survive back home in New York. Does what happens in a small town stay in a small town?

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