10 Plot Twists That Were Wisely Cut From The Books, According To Ranker

While the latest film in the Fantastic Beasts franchise has been released, there are still more facts about the Harry Potter series that even the most die-hard fans do not know about. From the first time JK Rowling sat down to pen the story in 1990 to the present day, there are new interesting factoids always being discovered about the series.

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Between the time the idea was first created and the time the books were finished, several early ideas had been abandoned. Rowling has spoken publicly about several of these changes, and the fans on Ranker put them into order based on which changes were best for the series.

10 An Ice Cream Man Was Nearly The Most Important Character In The Series

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry spent leisurely afternoons working on his homework at Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor, but the ice cream shop was rarely mentioned again after that point. However, JK Rowling originally planned for Fortescue to have a greater role in the series, providing the Golden Trio with information about the Elder Wand and Ravenclaw’s diadem.

Rowling eventually decided that she would give that information to more significant characters in the universe, like the Lovegoods. It would have seemed a little unusual for an ice cream man to have so much vital information, so it was helpful to see that knowledge go to figures who had a documented history with obscure knowledge.

9 Hogwarts Had A Vampire Professor

Stefan with blood dripping from his mouth on the vampire diaries

Although Harry Potter is generally thought of as a magic-focused series, it does include a variety of human hybrids as well. Originally, Rowling planned on leaning more into this field by having a vampire professor named Professor Trocar in the series.

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However, she eventually decided that she had little to add to the vampire mythos, and discarded the idea. While it may have taken off, given the success of vampire literature just after the Harry Potter series was released, fans can not help but be glad that it was distinct from that era since it would be unfortunate to see the magic of Harry Potter fall prey to the cliches that became commonplace in the next decade of fantasy.


8 Hermione Had A Sister

There are plenty of wholesome family moments in the Harry Potter series, but Hermione does not often get to experience any of them. In the original plans of Harry Potter, Hermione was supposed to have a younger sister, who would perhaps provide a parallel to Lily and Petunia Evans. However, Rowling decided that having Hermione’s family be so small would be a good contrast to the massive Weasley household.

While it would have been nice to see more of the Granger household, it is easy to see how it might clutter up the books as the world got progressively more complicated. Since many of the Weasleys end up pushed to the side by the end, it’s hard to imagine fitting into Hermione’s family as well without it detracting from the plot.

7 The Weasleys Had A Nasty Slytherin Cousin In The Goblet Of Fire

Slytherin teammates show off their new brooms in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

While some fans argue that some of the Weasleys truly should have been in Slytherin, originally, one was. Rowling had the idea to give Hermione a proper rival in Mafalda Weasley, who would be a second cousin to the characters fans know and love. She would have been sorted into Slytherin and would have caused a lot of trouble for the Golden Trio by eavesdropping on conversations and spreading rumors.

Mafalda was eventually discarded, with her role being added to Rita Skeeter. While it would have been interesting to see more Weasley drama, most fans agree that Skeeter was an incredibly effective character. Had two characters been performing the same function, neither would likely have been as strong.

6 Draco Malfoy Wasn’t The Baddest Bully In Hogwarts

Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

While there were moments where Draco Malfoy acted heroically, he is generally considered to be a villain. But he might not have been the biggest bully at Hogwarts had Rowling not decided to change a few things up. Originally, she wanted to add a little more depth to the Slytherin house, which would involve giving Theodore Nott a bigger role.

The idea was that Theo would provide the opportunity for readers to learn more about how purebloods were trained and how they responded to the changing world around them. However, that might have drawn too much attention away from the central plot of the narrative and would either make Draco too sympathetic or less redeemable.

5 Draco Malfoy’s Name Was Draco Spungen

Draco Malfoy glares at Ron Weasley in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Names are incredibly important in the Harry Potter universe, with each one being carefully crafted until it was perfect. But one of the fans’ favorite bad boys might have had a more offputting name than he ended up with if things had gone differently. While the name Spungen still communicates that Draco is supposed to be a bad guy, it would not have given him the suave, attractive quality fans so appreciate.

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While this would not necessarily have ruined the books, Malfoy just feels like the perfect name for Draco and his family. ‘Malfoy’ feels luxurious and powerful, rather than having the almost repulsive feel of ‘Spungen.’

4 Hermione’s Dad Saved Harry Potter

Mr Weasley talking to Mr Granger in Chamber of Secrets

Harry and Hermione become close friends relatively quickly, but an earlier draft of the first book would have given them a much deeper connection. In an early draft, Hermione’s father was the one to see the explosion at the Potter house, find baby Harry, and bring him to safety.

In the end, it was a good decision to change that role to Hagrid, because it gave Harry an important mentor figure, and allowed the books to explore more dynamics of the wizarding world through Harry’s attachment to his half-giant friend.

3 The Sorting Hat Was Almost A Game Of Eeny Meeny Miny Mo

Harry Potter being sorted by the Sorting Hat

While some fans argue that the Sorting Hat made a lot of mistakes, it was certainly better than Rowling’s first idea. She always knew that she wanted Hogwarts’ students divided into groups, but her original ideas were too simplistic and did not tell nearly as much about the characters being sorted.

The ideas tossed about at first made the sorting random, rather than being the generation-defining personality test that it eventually became. It is vital to the story that each house is connected to personality traits, as it made the divisions in wizarding society more apparent early on.

2 Ron Weasley Was Supposed To Die Midway Through The Series

confused Ron in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Where would the Golden Trio be without Ron Weasley? While the movies do not show off all of Ron’s strengths, in the book, he’s a vital part of the group. Ron is clever and strategic, just in different ways than Hermione is. Beyond that, he is loyal to a fault. But as Rowling worked on the series, she contemplated killing him off.

Rowling says she was in a bad place and considered killing off one of the Golden Trio out of spite. But while Ron had his downsides, he played an important role in the war as someone with a lot to lose. Without him and his family, there would not have been as much tension in the decision to fight back against Voldemort, since there would not be as many people that Voldemort could use against them.

1 Arthur Weasley Died During The Vicious Attack From Voldemort’s Snake

Mark Williams as Arthur Weasley in Harry Potter

Rowling has spoken out about her guilt for many of the deaths in the series, but one she felt unable to keep was Arthur Weasley. She originally intended for him to die during Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenixwith the Order unable to get to him in time to thwart Nagini’s attack, but Rowling felt it would be unnecessarily cruel to kill off one of the only good fathers in the series.

While this would have given Ron more inspiration to fight back against Voldemort, the death would not have been necessary. Harry loses Sirius in this book and Dumbledore in the next, so there’s no shortage of dead father figures. And it makes Ron a stronger character to have joined the fight because it was what’s right and because he’s Harry’s friend, rather than being motivated by revenge.

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