Teen suicide may be prevented by addressing bullying early on with children’s picture book

Mom’s Choice Awards® Honoree

Overcoming negative, outward expressions due to internalized emotions by children.

CHARLESTON, SC, April 12, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Learning how to navigate childhood dilemmas or instill positive and confident qualities are important life skills best learned early on. Through their charming new picture book, Billy the Bullyauthors Sharon & Kierra Linen expertly tackle the tricky conversation of bullying, by revealing the true source of the problem…. “Bullies are victims too.”

Mom’s Choice Awards Honoree, “Billy the Bully” helping to save lives on both sides of the spectrum.

“Named among the best in family-friendly media ….” Mom’s Choice Awards®

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In Billy the Bully (Mom’s Choice Awards® Honoree), Addy is sad because she has been made to feel other than her classmates by a bully named Billy who tells her that she looks funny and makes fun of her. Addy’s mom later explains to her that sometimes kids bully because they might be hurting inside, and they take out those feelings on other people. Addy’s friends are supportive of her, even when Billy continues his mean streak. But the tide turns when Billy has a tragic accident and Addy and her classmates are able to put the past behind them and show Billy what selflessness and a true friend are. Billy the Bully is also available in Spanish.

Other books in the AddyBee123 Collection include, My Place in the Sky, ABC Inspirations, Teach Me. Safe Touch… .Don’t Touch! Also available soon, A Day with my Dad.

Authors Sharon & Kierra Linen weave poignant and valuable stories brimming with lessons of self-confidence, self-awareness, inspiration, and positivity. With their AddyBee123 collection, Linen & Linen skillfully broach both subjects that can be difficult discussions and those that spark joy. Families and educators of young children will welcome the invitation for discussion that this vibrant collection brings.

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At AddyBee123, we bring kids the power of fun and learning while waking them up to the magical world of reading for life.  (PRNewsfoto / AddyBee123)

At AddyBee123, we bring kids the power of fun and learning while waking them up to the magical world of reading for life. (PRNewsfoto / AddyBee123)



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