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Treat medical staff with respect

As a physician working in multiple local hospitals, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. Medical staff (nurses, therapists, aides, etc) are increasingly weathering a barrage of hostility and abuse beyond the bounds of the admission diagnosis.

We expect patients to be in distress, meriting both compassion and our best effort at evidence-based care. However, I observe increasing levels of marginal participation / investment in one’s own medical care and overtly hostile treatment towards those providers with the greatest bedside exposure (nurses).

This, is under the curious auspice of “patient rights.” COVID has undoubtedly stressed our nursing staff immeasurably, and I’m alarmed at how many skilled nurses have left healthcare. While in need of our best effort, we expect patients to participate in their care and treat providers with simple mutual respect. This somewhat mirrors what we have seen with bizarre, hostile adult behavior in air travel recently. At some level, any of us as patients must accept some role in both our behavior and recovery. I fear that notion is eroding, reflected in the observed exchanges in the hospitals / clinics and battered morale of an often inspiringly gritty core group of bedside providers.

Unlike the airlines, there is no path to barring abusive patrons, as healthcare is a “right”. Understand that right is provided by a committed individual at your bedside, probably not the same one that may have disenchanted you whenever in the past. At least meet him / her halfway.

Jeffry Watson

Colorado Springs

Banning books because of fear

There is an ongoing debate in Woodland Park about parents’ rights to ban books about which they are concerned. I lived in Woodland Park for a short time before moving to Colorado Springs and know that community tends to be very conservative. After talking to several parents who support book banning, the fear is their children may read these books and be persuaded to become gay or transgendered.

The fear is probably based on their belief a lifetime of upraising will be corrupted by a book. Perhaps their fear is reasonable. I really do not know the answer.

I would suggest they remove western and war novels or biographies which are very macho oriented. Even books like “Nancy Drew” with strong young women may be putting the wrong thoughts into the heads of young boys. Woodland Park parents may also have the opportunity to ban books on slavery, the Holocaust, violent sports, women who put careers ahead of motherhood, non-Christian religions, previous wars (may have to include all history books), and even books that are depressing such as geometry, literature, algebra, languages, and poetry.

I suggest that if you ban some books, parents might as well go after anything that will corrupt the children who still read.

Vincent Capozzella

Colorado Springs

Our children’s futures

D-20 parents, I have a great concern. I have two children in D-20. They participate in the wonderful Spanish Immersion and IB programs. The programs will set them up for success and open many doors for them as they get older.

However, there are people (outside our district) attempting to stop the inclusion of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) from being taught in our schools. They claim that these are Critical Race Theory, which is simply untrue.

You can see for yourself by looking at the district curriculum site, going into classrooms, asking teachers, or simply speaking to the students.

If we exclude DEI and SEL teachings, our schools will not meet requirements for IB and will lose partnerships with local colleges that provide access to concurrent enrollment. This has already happened in D-49 as they have removed equity teaching. These opportunities are important to our children’s futures.

Equity is written into the state standards. If our schools lose the right to teach equity, they violate state standards and can lose their accreditation. I do not know about you, but I want my children in an accredited district that is in high standings with the state.

This would not look good for us. Good schools increase property value, and without accreditation, we will not see that anymore.

Please write to the board, show up to the meetings, support the teachers, and use your voice to ensure that our district remains in good standing with the state, IB, the colleges, and the community.

Angelica Givler

Colorado Springs

Klee a breath of fresh air

In response to Steve Rauch (“Stick to Sports reporting”) and his advice of a different career move for Paul Klee. I understand what Rauch is saying, any step from the company line should be kept in check. I understand the anecdotal support he provided in telling Klee he should stick with what he is paid to do. All the things that Rauch has pontificated has been in print for the last two years with nary a hint of scrutiny or dissent. Is there not two sides to every story? Or do we just believe everything in the newspaper (and social media) without question?

I’ve read Klee’s observations and he backs it up not with platitudes but with facts. … I guess for some that’s an “inconvenient truth.”

There’s a large segment of our society that accepts everything they read without question …. Klee raises those questions in the context of sports. I fact checked him, I’ve yet to find that he has misrepresented anything. In a paper that’s lock-step in line with the federal narrative … Klee is an “informed” breath of fresh air. And if you do not agree …. I invite those individuals to do their research. No, I do not want Donald Trump back in office. Yes, I’ve had my three vaccines! But we’ve done this by trampling on states (and individuals) constitutional rights.

The “common good” is a great line, but that is not the principal that our country was founded on. Google countries that promote the “common good” and see how their people are fairing out. I think time will judge this period of our history in a very dim light. Not for what COVID-19 did to us, but by the actions of our own government.

In the meantime. … write on Klee.

Steve Warner

Colorado Springs


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