Arizona Legislature is now hawking School Teaching for Dummies

The teacher crisis in Arizona could be solved by attracting qualified professionals by way of improving teacher salaries, properly funding the state’s education budget and ending the Legislature’s war on public schools, or…

We could go with the Republican-controlled Legislature’s plan, which is to lower our standards even further.

As if such a thing is possible.

Under Senate Bill 1159, the idea is to make it look like we have plenty of teachers simply by watering down the requirements for becoming one. Not necessarily to a degree that any old moron will be given an opportunity to tutor your children, but close.

The logic, if you could call it that, and you can not, seems to be that rather than provide Arizona schools with the funding they need (even with the state’s $ 5.3 billion surplus), and providing the state’s heroically dedicated teachers with the renumeration they deserve, we can fill the faculty seats being left empty by qualified scholars heading for other opportunities simply by dumbing down those pesky academic qualifications.

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