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There are many books on the shelf available to help expectant parents, and even more designed to guide them throughout their child’s infancy, toddlerhood and preschool stages in life. However, what happens after the child grows up? As all seasoned moms and dads know, parenthood does not get easier once children start school, form friendships and begin to date.

In fact, in many circumstances, parenting experiences only get more challenging, with adulthood bringing both a sense of relief and a new source of stress for parents. This is especially true when a couple disagrees with their child’s choices.

Marriage is one of those life-changing decisions that tends to generate more questions than answers. Once everyone gets past the anxiousness of the first meeting with their child’s desired partner, parents may start to wonder:

• Who is this person my child is planning to share his / her life with?
• Will he / she treat my child well?
• Are they a good match for each other?
• Will the two of them have a good future together?

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