France sends team of scientific experts to Ukraine to assist in war crime investigation

In a major development, French authorities on Monday, April 11, announced that their technical and scientific experts have arrived in Lviv to assist Ukrainian forces in investigating the war crimes committed around Kyiv. Taking to his official Twitter handle, Etienne de Poncins, ambassador of France to Ukraine shared the picture of the French experts and stressed that he was “proud” to welcome the team in Lviv.

Taking to Twitter, the ambassador of France to Ukraine Etienne de Poncins stated that France would be the first nation to provide such aid to embattled Ukraine. He further added that the team of technical and scientific experts will be working on Tuesday, 12 April. Etienne de Poncins in the tweet, wrote, “Proud to welcome to Lviv the detachment of technical and scientific gendarmes who came to assist their comrades (Ukraine) in the investigations of war crimes committed around Kyiv.” The development comes as the Russian military offensive against Ukraine enters day 47 after President Vladimir Putin launched a military operation in Ukraine on February 24.

Ukraine registers 5889 crimes of aggression & war crimes by Russian forces

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a tweet stated that the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has registered 5889 crimes of aggression and war crimes by Russian armed forces. Russia has been chastised by the international community and is accused of committing war crimes after Russian troops retreated from the outskirts of Kyiv regions. After the Russian forces departed regions surrounding Kyiv, images of dead bodies had surfaced from Bucha and other regions, according to AP. The Ukrainian authorities after detecting the bodies called for imposing tougher sanctions against the Kremlin, particularly stopping the fuel imports from Russia. After the incident, France has expelled dozens of Russian diplomats, suggesting they were spies after bodies were recovered in Ukrainian regions, as per the AP report. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Bucha to see for himself what he called the “genocide” and “war crimes” in Bucha. In a video address, Zelenskyy committed that Ukraine would make efforts along with the European Union and the International Criminal Court to find the Russian troops responsible for the atrocities.

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