Tina and John Essex’s book ‘See This New Life Coming’ participates in the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Bologna, Italy Apr 8, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Spirituality has been a topic of discussion for the last few years, and people have embraced spirituality as a way of life. A new book from Tina and John Essex, ‘See This New Life Coming: Redressing the Earth,’ offers a beautiful take on this subject and what it means to elevate your spirituality to the highest level.

The book touches upon concepts like inner spirituality, Spiritual awakening, and raising the collective cosmic consciousness towards ascension. The authors have been exceptional at dissecting such a complex subject into a book that is easy to understand and instantly establishes a connection with the reader.

See This New Life Coming: Redressing the Earth, released last year in January, is all set to participate in the 59th edition of Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the world’s biggest publishing event held in Italy.

“We are extremely thrilled to be participating at the book fair. It’s a great way to reach a wider audience and share this book that focuses on raising our consciousness to the highest level, where we find a new enlightened life. If every individual strives to achieve that, there will be no more war and hate in this world; there will only be love, peace, and joy.Said the authors, who are also the founders of Inheritance Ministries.

This volume demonstrates how to partake of heavenly attributes and put on the whole armor of God to aid in the ascension process. “The Angelic Council Company reminds us that we are never going back to how things were; instead, we are always moving forward in our ascension process in love and light, and people who are sincere and ask to raise their consciousness will be saved. ” The authors added.

Published by LifeRich Publishing, the book is available on Amazon.



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Tina and John Essex have served Christ wholeheartedly their entire lives. Tina is a practicing nurse in her local community. John attended Northwest College in Kirkland, Washington, and has served in various capacities in several ministries. Since their marriage, God sent them on nursing assignments throughout the United States while speaking to them about his divine purposes. They founded Inheritance Ministries in 1997.

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