Snow can not keep the Easter Bunny away

Photo of Jeff Zide

MANISTEE – Cold weather nor snow kept the Easter Bunny away Saturday. The Manistee County Library had planned for a drive-through with the Eastern Bunny —with library staff giving away books and gift baskets from noon to 1:30 pm

By 12:45 pm, around 150 people had shown up to collect their baskets and take pictures with the loveable Easter Hopper, according to Angela Fischer, director of youth services for the Manistee County Library. Fischer, and Executive Director of the library, Debra Greenacre, and the Easter Hare braved cold temperatures and a snow shower that hit at about 12:45.

From then on only about 25 people showed up once the snow hit, but 175 people showed-up.

Last year, which was the first drive through event with the Easter Bunny at the library – about 300 people showed up – but it was around 60 degrees, according to Fischer.

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