‘Secrets Are Out Now’ from Crystal Rivers, a true story of her life, joins the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy

The book tells a story of a girl who struggled hard to find meaning and peace in life

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Bologna, Italy Apr 8, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The book ‘Secrets Are Out Now’ by Crystal Rivers is a true story of her own life and how she struggled through different phases but never lost faith in finding peace. Crystal has been married nine times and eight times; she was sexually abused and beaten by her alcoholic husbands; her three children were abused. She worked as a go-go dancer for the longest time, and she was a dancer in the movie PORKY’S, sang in Palm Beach Opera, and while working in the bar, she got involved with the mafia.

This book is a story of a strong-willed woman who refused to get bitter with life’s negative experiences and marched on to find peace and happiness. The book will be seen at the upcoming edition of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, regarded as one of the most significant publishing events in the world.

“I’m happy to share my journey with the world and happier that it will be presented at such a remarkable event. The book has my stories that people closest to me do not know about, but when I decided to write this book, I decided to share it all. ” Crystal said.

The writings of Wayne Dyers inspire the book, and while it shares the dark moments of her life, it also focuses on how she turned her life around and found God. Crystal was born to a teen mother in Detroit who gave her up for adoption. A German couple adopted her, and she grew up thinking she was German. Little did she know that she was a Native American belonging to the Apache tribe.

“I was heartbroken when I found out about my roots. I had no idea about my biological background, and I feel that played a major role in my life. ” Crystal added.

Presently, she is a Baptized Jehovah Witness and goes out from door to door preaching God’s word just like Jesus did. Besides that, she is a beekeeper; she is to her native art, making clothes.

Published in December 2021, Crystal’s book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the author’s website.



About the Author

A Native American, Crystal was conceived in Arizona and born in Detroit. Since her mother gave her up for adoption, she feels it has presented many problems. A German couple adopted her, and later in life, she found out about her biological background. She has written this novel to share her life story with people struggling with life and motivate them to persevere and have faith.

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