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The 2022 season of the Johnson County Library podcast, “Did you hear ?,” kicked off on April 1. In this episode, “Silver and Gold,” the Library asked a new employee and an employee counting the days until retirement the same 10 questions. You’ll want to hear their answers. Regular listeners will notice that there are a couple of new changes to the podcast. First, episodes will be shortened to 30 minutes. You still get the same great content but now in a shorter format. Second, recordings will now be done at the newly renovated Central Resource Library. The Library is looking forward to another great season.

The “Did you hear?” podcast is your Library insider and a fun way to hear about what the Library is up to. It pulls back the curtain to reveal how the Library is able to do what it does. It shines a light on services, events and the collection to illuminate how the Library can help you to be your best.

The easiest way to stay up to date on the latest episodes is to subscribe. “Did you hear?” is available on popular podcatchers like Podbean, Stitcher, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. If you have a favorite service for listening to podcasts, you can find it by entering “jocolibrary” into the search bar. You’ll find “Did you hear?” and then click subscribe. You can also find all current and past podcast episodes at Click and listen right from your browser, it’s super easy.

Here’s a look at the 2022 season:

April – Silver and Gold
The Library asked the same 10 questions of an employee who just began her career at Johnson County Library and of an employee counting down the days until retirement. Their answers may surprise you!

May – Mesmerizing Memes and More
These days you can not just put up a website and call it good. You must have a “web presence.” Go to where the people are online instead of expecting them to come to you. What’s the behind-the-scenes story when it comes to philosophy, strategy and creating social media content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube?

June – Summer Reading
Summer Reading 2022: Oceans of Possibilities, runs Saturday, June 4 through Friday, July 29. Grab a reading log for your favorite kiddo! Dive deep into this aquatic episode.

July – Make-along
The folks from the MakerSpace will lead everyone through a hands-on activity. Charles and Dave will make something great, and you the listener can make-along as well!

August – Back to School
With educational resources from the Library, your child has a real advantage. This episode will explore everything you might not know the Library has to offer to prepare your child for the coming school year.

September – Library Lowdown Quiz Showdown
What do you know? Get ready for a variety of Library games. Do not miss your chance to play along.

October – JoCo on the Go
Assistant Director of Public Affairs and Communications for the Johnson County Government, Theresa Freed, drops by to share her experiences as host of the JoCo on the Go Podcast.

November – Kaleidoscope of Sound
Get ready for an auditory exploration of sounds from the Library!

December – The Life Cycle of a Book
In this three-part series, follow a book from its author’s inception to when it is weeded from the collection. December’s episode will focus on a bookBefore the Library. ”

Join those who have already discovered the “Did you hear?” podcast. There’s something for everyone and it’s a great way to stay up-to-date with all that’s going on at the Library. Subscribe today so you never miss an episode.

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