Michelle Davis’ vision focuses on staff wellness at 2 city schools

If Michelle Davis’ wardrobe aligned with her duties at Davis Aerospace Technical High School, her closets would be overflowing with hats to reflect the many essential duties she handles at her school on Detroit’s east side.

In 2018, after 18 years of teaching English in Detroit classrooms, Davis became the dean of culture and climate at Davis Aerospace. But what Davis means to her school can hardly be captured by one job title, considering the extra leadership responsibilities she has taken on, including establishing and leading two mentoring groups for female and male students; serving as athletic coordinator; being the faculty liaison for the school’s student council, and being the school’s point person and coordinator of community partnerships. In addition, Davis regularly tutors students after school and on the weekends because, as she puts it, “the title that will always mean the most to me is teacher.”

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