Doris McNaire’s ‘Prince Major and the Grumpy Frog’ will be participating in the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy

The story teaches us the importance of listening to others and respecting their underlying qualities, despite their visible differences

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Bologna, Italy Apr 8, 2022 ( – Doris McNaire’s book Prince Major and the Grumpy Frog is an excellent book that teaches us the importance of listening to others and respecting their underlying qualities, despite their visible differences. The story is about friendship and is characterized by honesty, truthfulness, and respect for one another. In contemporary society, it’s common for people to be judged on how they seem, walk, or talk. As a result of diversity and inclusion initiatives, many of those barriers have been broken down, and it has become clear that how someone looks, walks, or speaks does not determine their value or worth.

Since its release in January 2019, it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. The book will participate in the 59th edition of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the world’s biggest publishing event held in Italy. ”The fact that my book will be exhibited at such a prestigious event makes me extremely happy. ” It is, without a doubt, an excellent platform for meeting other writers and individuals affiliated with the publishing sector in general. My book Prince Major and the Grumpy Frog is very close to my heart because it teaches about life’s most important virtues. Our childhood experiences do not make us who we are as adults, but we can learn from them. Every person is responsible for being a good citizen and being the best person. ”

Book fans can get the book “Prince Major and the Grumpy Frog” through Amazon.



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Doris Jean McNair is an accomplished woman married to Leo for twenty-nine years. She is the mother of two children and grandmother of three. She credits her optimistic outlook on life to her beloved parents, Finis and Ella, both of whom have gone to be with the Lord. She works in a manufacturing company and has won numerous awards, including first and second place in small poetry contests in high school and college. Doris, the third eldest of five siblings, has always been a motivator and an inspiration in her family, inspiring her siblings and others to be their best selves. Instead of seeking validation from others, focus on being kind, courteous, sincere, loving, and, most importantly, forgiving to yourself and others. Doris is a born-again Christian who believes in and exemplifies these attributes daily. She takes pleasure in learning from others and sharing her knowledge and experiences with others for us all to grow as individuals. Whether good, evil, or indifferent, every individual possesses something distinctive. It’s simply that sometimes realization takes a little longer.

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