Staunton schools and city council come to funding compromise

STAUNTON – After weeks of jockeying over funding, Staunton City Council and Staunton City Schools have seemingly come to an understanding on how to proceed forward to fully fund the schools in this year’s budget, although plenty of work remains to help school staff deal with compensation issues .

In order to cover the $ 624,113 funding gap between the schools and the city, there had to be adjustments for both sides. For their part, the schools had to adjust their budget by $ 259,000 which came from revenue adjustments related to the Perkins grant, Title II funds, and the Standard Operated Program adjustments. The city agreed to fill the remaining gap by taking on a negative contingency for the second straight year.

While some council members, including Steve Claffey and Carolyn Dull, were apprehensive of another negative contingency, Staunton Chief Financial Officer Phil Trayer assuaged those fears, saying that last year’s contingency had already been covered, and that current projections showed that the city could likely cover the new one.

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