Mississippi teacher reaises

Mississippi’s 32,000-plus K-12 public school teachers must have pinched themselves on March 24 to make sure the news they heard was true.

That’s when they awoke to the word that the Mississippi Legislature gave them a whopping pay raise.

The hikes are the largest annual salary adjustment in Mississippi school history. The state is 204-years-old.

The pay increase is unheard-of, averaging $ 5,140-plus per year, effective at the start of the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. The average salary will be in the range of $ 51,962, said the Atlanta-based Southern Regional Education Board. That would put Mississippi’s average third in the Southeast. Longtime teachers’ pay will vary due to length of service and educational level.

The base minimum salary for starting teachers will be advanced from $ 37,123 to $ 41,500. Mississippi would have the fifth-highest starting salary in the Southeast.

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