Book ‘Toby’s Sea Storm Treasure’ by Kennebunk Maine mom, daughter

KENNEBUNK, Maine – Meet Toby, a puppy who lives in Maine and loves to explore its beauty.

Since Toby is a golden retriever, it goes without saying that he is friendly, but he is also helpful and courageous – qualities that his creators hope to inspire in the children who read of his adventures.

Maureen Lee and her daughter, Jennifer, both of Kennebunk, introduce their bounding, tail-wagging hero in their first collaboration, a new children’s book, titled, “A Puppy in Maine: Toby’s Sea Storm Treasure.”

Released back in November, the story follows Toby as he and his friend, a seagull named Kevin, search for a lost harbor seal pup named Annabelle.

“They go on this adventure together, trying to problem-solve and collaborate and help out where they can,” Jennifer said.

The book is targeted at young children, perhaps those in the fourth and earlier grades, according to Jennifer.

“Hopefully, the text and the pictures are both engaging for that audience,” she said.

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Maureen is a primary care physician in Biddeford, where she and her husband, Woodrow, have had a private practice for nearly 30 years. Jennifer, an RSU 21 elementary school teacher, illustrated the book, working in watercolor and filling its pages with blue ocean ripples, high and craggy rocks, seashells, tall green trees, and the expressiveness of the furry and feathered characters.

Maureen Lee, left, and her daughter, Jennifer, are seen here with their new children's book,

“I’ve always dabbled in art,” Jennifer said. “I knew I did not want to pursue it as a career – unless this becomes a huge success – but it’s just a hobby that I’ve always really enjoyed. It’s very therapeutic. Maine holds so much natural beauty that it’s very easy to be inspired. ”

Local graphic designer Geraldine Aikman designed the hardcover book, which Kennebunk Coastal Printing has published.

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