What Do Looser School Mask and Vaccine Requirements Mean for Black Teachers and Students?

Across all age groups, Black people are among the least vaccinated. And now, in school, Black students are at least twice as likely to have not received a COVID-19 vaccine than their peers.

According to scientists, the best way to protect yourself against the novel coronavirus is to get fully vaccinated – initial doses along with a booster shot. All FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines have been proven to be both safe and effective, and they highly reduce your risk of contracting, spreading, and being hospitalized from COVID-19. For more information, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionand talk with your doctor to get professional medical advice.

As COVID-19 hospitalizations and infections continue to decline, school districts around the country are loosening mask requirements. Georgia, on March 25, went so far as to formally ban masks in public schools. But what does that mean for Black teachers and Black students, who have much lower vaccination rates than their peers?

“It remains to be seen,” says Dr. Hugh Mighty, dean of Howard University’s College of Medicine.

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