School of Art MFA Candidate Juliette Walker Presents ‘Office of Possible Projects’

Juliette Walker

Office of Possible Projects

The School of Art in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce MFA Thesis Project the “Office of Possible Projects” by Juliette Walker. This interactive installation opened Feb. 21 on the fourth floor of the Fayetteville Public Library and will run through April 15.

Walker, an artist, MFA candidate and the Office of Possible Projects (OoPPs) office manager, has transformed the former computer lab on the fourth floor of the library into a space for unfinished and unrealized projects.

She invites everyone to join her in this space to share or write about their own unfinished or unrealized projects. After participants capture their unfinished or unrealized project, they can submit it to the Unfinished Project Archive which will be displayed on the bookshelves adjacent to OoPPs. Unfinished projects will be accepted to the Unfinished Project Archive as text descriptions, photographs or the actual physical project.

Over the course of this installation, the Unfinished Project Archive will be a growing public collection at the Fayetteville Public Library. The unrealized projects it contains are drafts for the future. By joining this collection, these unfinished project ideas are collective and public. Walker shares some of her inspiration written by artist and School of Art MFA alumna Liz Alspach.

“Ideas are shared, generative, living beings that are cared for, that fight for their own survival, that are passed from person to person,” Alspach said. “The ones captured here are for you to do with what you wish. If these ideas inspire you, they are yours. “

In coordination with this site-specific installation and project, Walker is also coordinating an exhibition of alternative exhibition spaces as a part of her thesis work slated to open from March 30-April 8. Throughout her graduate degree, and accelerated during the pandemic, she has been deeply engaged with the practice of curating alternative art spaces, such as refrigerators, cars and cake stands, among other unusual places.

One of Walker’s long-term goals beyond graduate school is to open an artist publishing studio and community risograph studio. She is also interested in pursuing teaching positions and curatorial programming positions at arts organizations.

The Office of Possible Projects is open now through April 15 with an “office party” reception from 5-7 pm, Thursday, April 14.

Fayetteville Public Library, 4th floor
401 W. Mountain Street

OoPPs Office Hours:

  • Monday: 4-6 pm
  • Tuesday: 10 am-1pm
  • Thursday: 10 am-1pm

Or by chance, or appointment, [email protected]

For more information on the project, please visit Walker’s project website:

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