Share these important books on race with kids

Kendal A. Rautzhan

Several years ago, I worked part-time as a life coach for first through third grade students. The lessons were thirty minutes long, which meant it was important to get to the point in an entertaining way that would drive the lesson home and would be remembered.

One lesson that really resonated with the kids was when I asked them to form a circle, push up their sleeves, and extend their arms so we could look at all the different colors of skin in the classroom. There were no two skin colors that were the same, and we talked about how ridiculous it would be not to be friends with someone because of their skin color.

The books reviewed today address this in a variety of important ways. It’s an important topic if we are to eventually erase the concept that one race is better than another. Coupled with your example and conversations, we just might achieve this goal.

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