Best Books To Buy For International Children’s Book Day

It’s International Children’s Book Day! A day to celebrate learning to read and a love of reading and perhaps even pick up a book to read that may not normally be on the radar of authors found in kids’ personal libraries. Given that there are so many books by domestic and international authors, finding just the right book can be difficult to do. But, by turning to local bookstores or online resources for recommended reading, it becomes much simpler to find the best books to buy for International Children’s Book Day.

International Children’s Book Day was first started in 1966 to encourage learning to read and the love of reading in children, according to The National Day Calendar. The date of the holiday coincides with Hans Christian Anderson’s birthday, the beloved author of The Snow Queen, The Ugly Duckling, and more.

Every year, there is a different region that is chosen to host the day, according to, with Canada being the country of choice for 2022. The theme this year is, “Stories are wings that help you soar every day.” As such, choosing books that fall under this theme, are by Hans Christian Anderson, are international in flair, or are a favorite author of kids are all great options when selecting a book for reading today.

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Here are some of the best books to buy for International Children’s Book Day.

Aquarium By Cynthia Alonso

For those kids who enjoy looking at the pictures in a book and imagining the story, Aquarium by Cynthia Alonso is a great option for International Children’s Book Day.

According to Let’s Talk Picture Books, Aquarium is a unique book in that there are no words to the story. However, by following the pictures of the young girl with blue hair who rescues a red fish from stranding itself outside of the ocean, readers can interpret the story easily from beginning to end when the decision has to be made to keep the red fish or let him go back into the ocean.

I Really Want To See You, Grandma By Taro Gomi

Relationships between grandparents and grandchildren are special. And this is a theme that is explored in I Really Want To See You, Grandma by Taro Gomi.

According to, this is a tale of a little girl Yumi and her grandmother who really want to see one another. However, they do not communicate this to one another. And instead of meeting up with one another at Yumi or Grandma’s house, the two miss each other.

Deciding to go back home and just wait for the other to show up, the duo miss one another again! Kids will love trying to figure out if Yumi and her grandmother will get to visit one another as they so desperately would like to.

The Rabbit And The Shadow By Melania Rutten

For those kids who love stories about adventure, The Rabbit and the Shadow by Melania Rutten is a perfect read for International Children’s Book Day.

According to Amazon, a cat, an angry soldier, and a rabbit are all on a personal quest in the forest. The cat is out looking for a missing ball, the soldier wants to find peace, and the rabbit is trying to learn how to grow up. Instead of tackling their quests on their own, the trio decides to work together to achieve what they set out to do. Even the trial and tribulations they face cannot hold them back from accomplishing what they want most.

Songs For Our Sons By Ruth Doyle

For those who have sons, Songs For Our Sons by Ruth Doyle is a book that is a must-have for any personal library.

According to GoodReads, Songs For Our Sons is a book that is written in story and rhyme that encourages boys to make the world a better place through peace and kindness. The book asks boys to take in the beauty of the world and determine what it is that they want to do in it to not only make their lives complete but to make sure it is full of adventure as well.

Dreams For Our Daughters By Ruth Doyle

On International Children’s Book Day, a good read for those with daughters is Dreams For Our Daughters by Ruth Doyle.

According to Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Dreams For Our Daughters encourages girls to become leaders and be unapologetic for their ideas and beliefs.

With a wide world out there for girls to explore, they should never feel like they cannot achieve anything they dream of. And if they are able to do so with kindness in their hearts and seek ways to make the world a better place by just having them in it, all the better still.

Matilda By Roald Dahl

For those who have a love of reading and learned from an early age how to read, Matilda by Ronald Dahl is a great book for school-aged kids to read.

According to, Matilda is a bright girl who taught herself how to read at the age of three. With her powers and her smarts, Matilda is able to play pranks on her parents who do not pay her attention and do not understand her as well as fight back the school principal who is a true terror.

A fun book to read for parents and kids alike, Matilda is a great book to read aloud as a family on International Children’s Book Day.

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