Researching Wisconsin, local history easy once you know where to look

“Where do you get all that stuff ?,” I’m sometimes asked. Particularly after a talk, some interested (or skeptical) member of the audience will come up and inquire how I knew that Allis-Chalmers had 24,862 employees at the peak of war production in 1943, including 434 Black workers. Or where I learned that in 1886 the champion brewery hand at Schlitz could down 100 short glasses of beer every day – nearly a case and a half – at a time when free beer (on the job!) Was a coveted fringe benefit. Or that Emil Seidel, Milwaukee’s first Socialist mayor, once summed up his party’s platform as “clean fun, music, dance, song and joy for all.”

The answer, of course, is research – the process of finding salient facts, corroborating them with other data, and coming to informed conclusions — or sometimes just stumbling on cool things to share.

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