What Happens to Marina Thompson in the ‘Bridgerton’ Books?

Though Netflix’s Bridgerton sticks quite closely to the main plot points of the series of romance novels (opens in new tab) that inspired the show, one of the biggest scandals of the first season did not appear at all in the corresponding book by Julia Quinn. That would be the sad story of Miss Marina Thompson, played by Ruby Barker, who does eventually show up in Quinn’s books, but much later on down the line and only in the past tense.

To recap: In the show, Marina is sent to live with her cousins ​​the Featheringtons after coming down with a scandalous “condition” —aka pregnancy out of wedlock with a soldier named George Crane, who has stopped responding to her letters by the time she arrives in Mayfair. Throughout the season, we see Marina and her cousins ​​plot out a scheme to arrange a hasty marriage to Colin Bridgerton or another nobleman that would cover up her condition, and Marina also tries to induce an abortion with a homemade mixture of herbs. When neither of those works out as planned, she’s all but forced to take a third, much safer option that crops up just in the nick of time (opens in new tab).

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