One Of The Greatest Children’s Books Ever Is Becoming A Streaming Series

By James Brizuela | 11 hours ago

It’s safe to say that children’s programming has certainly taken a turn and can be enjoyed by all involved. This new revelation has allowed adults to enjoy taking their children to see any manner of these stories a lot more. All these new shows, films, and books are often painted in a much different light and usually involve some more adult humor. That has certainly been the case for the majority of the Pixar films that have come out recently. With this new era of bringing back classic stories with a new contemporary feel, one of the best books is now being turned into a brand-new series. That story is none other than Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte’s Web was originally written by EB White. The book was published back in 1952 and has been one of the most beloved children’s stories ever written. The story follows a pig by the name of Wilbur, who is being raised for slaughter by the farmer that owns him. Wilbur then befriends a spider by the name of Charlotte, who goes on to hatch a plan to save him. She spins webs in the farm that contain small quotes praising Wilbur. The webs and Wilbur then become a tourist attraction after they are seen as miracles. Wilbur’s life is saved in the book, and he becomes cherished for the remainder of his years, and he also looks after some of Charlotte’s children when they hatch.

charlotte's web

This will not be the first time in which Charlotte’s Web has been turned into some other medium. Hanna-Barbera made an animated Charlotte’s Web film back in 1973. Another live-action film that saw Dakota Fanning team up with Julia Roberts was released in 2006. This will be the first time in which the story is adapted into a series. HBO Max is going to pick up the series, with Luke Matheny set to serve as head writer and executive producer for the show. Matheny currently directs the AppleTV + show, Ghostwriter. The series is also set to air on both HBO Max and Cartoon Network in 2024 and is being produced by Sesame Workshop. Martha White is the executor of the literary estate for her grandfather and spoke on her excitement for the upcoming series. According to her, “Sesame Workshop outlined a very promising series of episodes for this project and we are eager to see their creative talents paired with EB White’s timeless story.”

It has certainly been quite some time since the story of Charlotte’s Web has been told in another medium. While there have been a few films that have followed the story, this will be the first series based on the classic book. Telling the story through the lens of a mini-series should add even more drama to the life of Wilbur. There have been no casting announcements yet, though there is plenty of time to get into more specifics for the upcoming show. The new series being picked up by both Cartoon Network and HBO Max is certainly some good news. Sesame Workshop is also creating great works with its partnership with WarnerMedia Kids. While we will have to wait to see the new series in 2024, keep your eyes peeled for casting announcements in the coming months.

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