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ROME – Jervis Public Library, 613 N. Washington St., Rome, is open 8:30 am to 8:30 pm Monday to Thursday; 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Friday; and 10 am to 3 pm Saturday.

The library has 110,000 books; nearly 20,000 digital books and audiobooks via OverDrive’s Libby app (; 4,500 DVDs; 6,000 books on CD; nearly 200 magazines and newspapers; and 155 digital magazines.

Borrow unique items including karaoke machine and CDs, DVD player, VCR, and Kill-a-Watt meter. The library also offers meeting rooms and a licensed notary public – call ahead for availability. Access all this with a free library card. To get your library card, bring in identification with your current address.

Call 315-336-4570, email [email protected], or go online to or for more information.

Plant a tree

Did you know that according to the Arbor Day Foundation one tree can absorb up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year?

We’re working with Neighborhood Forest to give children a free tree to plant this Earth day! Register for your child’s free tree by going online to, and locate the post from March 10.

The deadline to register is Tuesday, March 22. Trees will be available for pickup on Earth Day, April 22.


* registration required

Monday, March 21, Children’s Spring Coloring Contest deadline; Free children’s craft kits available; 10 am, Project Hope / Neighborhood Center Tabling; 5:30 pm, Children’s Spring Science: All About Clouds

Tuesday, March 22, 6 pm, Making the Most of Social Security

Wednesday, March 23, 10:30 am, Story Time with Ms. Emily; 3:30 pm, In-Person Teen Event: Ukulele Club *; 4:30 pm, Mahjong for Absolute Beginners

Thursday, March 24, 6 pm, Virtual Teen Event: Book Club; 6:30 pm, Evening Story Time with Ms. Emily

Friday, March 25, 2:30 pm, In-Person Teen Event: Free Play Friday

Did you know?

Happy birthday to Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman. The Princess of Themyscira was molded from clay and brought to life by her mother, Queen Hippolyta on March 22 (year unknown) according to the 1976 DC Universe calendar.

Top Titles

– “Run, Rose, Run: A Novel” by James Patterson and Dolly Parton.From Little, Brown and Company.

Every song tells a story.

She’s a star on the rise, singing about the hard life behind her. She’s also on the run. Find a future, lose a past.

Nashville is where she’s coming to claim her destiny. It’s also where the darkness she fled might find here. And destroy here.

– “A Thousand Steps Into Night” by Traci Chee. From Clarion Books.

In the realm of Awara, where gods, monsters, and humans exist side by side, Miuko is an ordinary girl resigned to a safe, if uneventful, existence as an innkeeper’s daughter.

But when Miuko is cursed and begins to transform into a demon with a deadly touch, she embarks on a quest to reverse the curse and return to her normal life.

Aided by a thieving magpie spirit and continuously thwarted by a demon prince, Miuko must outfox tricksters, escape demon hunters, and negotiate with feral gods if she wants to make it home again.

With her transformation comes power and freedom she never even dreamed of, and she’ll have to decide if saving her soul is worth trying to cram herself back into an ordinary life that no longer fits her… and perhaps never did.

– “The Swimmers: A Novel” by Julie Otsuka. From Knopf.

The swimmers are unknown to one another except through their private routines (slow lane, medium lane, fast lane) and the solace each takes in their morning or afternoon laps.

But when a crack appears at the bottom of the pool, they are cast out into an unforgiving world without comfort or relief.

One of these swimmers is Alice, who is slowly losing her memory.

For Alice, the pool was a final stand against the darkness of her encroaching dementia. Without the fellowship of other swimmers and the routine of her daily laps she is plunged into dislocation and chaos, swept into memories of her childhood and the Japanese American incarceration camp in which she spent the war.

Alice’s estranged daughter, reentering her mother’s life too late, witnesses her stark and devastating decline.

Kid’s Corner

– “Confessions of a Class Clown” by Arianne Costner. From Random House Books for Young Readers.

Meet Jack Reynolds. Making people laugh is his life’s work. Jack’s wacky MyTube channel is really starting to take off. The only problem is, for the truly epic posts, he needs a collaborator. And, well, he does not exactly have any friends. So Jack has to swallow his pride and join the new afterschool club, Speed ​​Friendshipping.

But who would make the best partner in comedy? One of these kids could help catapult Jack to internet fame… or even become a true friend. But what will it cost him to go viral?

– “One Wish” by MO Yuksel. From HarperCollins.

Fatima al-Fihri loved to learn. She wanted to know everything, like how birds flew, why the sky was blue, and how flowers grew. But more than anything, she wanted a school for all, where anyone could study and become whatever they wanted, like teachers, scientists, and doctors.

As she grew older, Fatima carried her one wish inside her, through good times and bad. Fueled by her faith and her determination, she worked hard to make her one wish come true. For over a thousand years, Fatima’s one wish — her school — served students and scholars from around the globe, and it continues to do so today!

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