24 Baseball Books for Kids That Are Sure To Be A Hit

Baseball is considered one of America’s favorite pastimes and kids love it! They also love to read about it! The following collection offers a variety of baseball-themed fiction and nonfiction books that include picture books and chapter books. Many of these books are easily tied to other subjects to make cross-curricular connections in the classroom or homeschool settings!

1. Baseball’s Greatest Players: 10 Baseball Biographies for New Readers

This beginning chapter book is great for second grade through fifth grade! This baseball biography is a great way for readers to learn about their favorite star player. Organized by featuring one player per decade, it includes baseball legends and current baseball stars. The glossary and special stats section will be a crowd-pleaser for your baseball enthusiast reader!

2. The Baseball Counting Book


Perfect for kindergarten through second grade, this baseball picture book is perfect for young learners to use to practice counting! Children can read about the game of baseball and practice counting the calls, baseball equipment, and other things you may see at a baseball game. This baseball story is likely to be a family favorite!


Written in a rhyming format, this picture book will be a great option for your baseball fan! Vivid illustrations paired with this charming story tell of a visit to a baseball game to enjoy a favorite pastime for a dad and son. This bedtime story will be a great addition to your baseball book collection for any readers ages one through four!

4. A Big Day For Baseball


The Magic Treehouse series is a favorite for many elementary-aged children! In this one, the main characters are transported back many years and play baseball with the baseball superstar, Jackie Robinson. This series is a great choice for first through fourth grade.

5. Ben and Emma’s Big Hit


Through this inspiring tale of a boy with dyslexia, who loves baseball, and realizes that he can conquer anything when he tries his best and does not give up! This book is written based on real-life experiences. Children with similar needs will be able to relate to this book. It is ideal for elementary-aged students.

6. Babe Ruth Saves Baseball


Babe Ruth, a baseball legend, is the star of this biography! America’s favorite baseball player draws crowds back into the game. This Step Into Reading book is ideal for kindergarten through second grade. This book about baseball teaches a great moral about not cheating and the importance of being trustworthy!


Telling the story of his life, Alex Rodriguez, baseball MVP and mega star penned his own book. He is a Dominican baseball player who grew up in New York and Miami and became one of baseball’s biggest stars! This story is a great read for elementary-aged children!

8. The Legend of the Stinky Sock


This funny and fun story is about a boy who believes in the magic power of a stinky sock. He thinks it will make him play baseball better. He works hard and through teamwork and determination, he learns there is more to ball games than just winning. This book is for younger elementary-aged children.


Beautifully illustrated, this expository text is great to use to learn facts and new information about baseball. This energetic alphabet book is written in rhyme and written for ages six through nine. The illustrations show the diversity and ample baseball details. This book would be a great way to introduce a writing unit or use it as a model for making your own alphabet book!

10. The Berenstain Bears Go Out for the Team


The classic series of The Berenstain Bears feature this baseball book about Brother Bear and Sister Bear playing baseball on a team. The baseball theme of this book provides a moral opportunity to address feeling pressure from peers. This book is ideal for ages three through seven.

11. The Thing Lenny Loves Most about Baseball


This fiction picture book is a great story about childhood passion and childhood determination. The boy in the story learns the power of perseverance. The supportive father and son relationship is shown in this loving story. Great for all elementary-aged children.

12. Baseball: Then to Now


This nonfiction baseball book is packed full of information! From action photos to precise stats, this book will draw in baseball fans of all ages. Through powerful descriptions, the author shows how baseball has evolved over time.

13. Who Was Jackie Robinson?


This chapter book is a great biography of one of the most famous African American ball players of all time. This book is geared more for upper elementary students, aged 8-12. Children will find this story inspiring to know how Jackie pushed through tough times and had to overcome even his own teammates not accepting him.

14. Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit

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This fiction tale is about a boy and his love for baseball, but he also loves science. This fun read-aloud is a great story for teaching kids about not giving up. All elementary-aged children will enjoy this story of Randy Riley and his fun series of events!

15. Yogi: The Life, Love, and Language of Baseball Legend Yogi Berra


Through courage and determination, Yogi becomes a baseball legend! This baseball biography tells the story of Yogi Berra from his humble childhood to becoming one of baseball’s greatest! Children will enjoy reading about his bravery as he battled adversity and overcame it! This book is great for readers aged 6-10.

16. The Streak: How Joe DiMaggio Became America’s Hero


This picture book is illustrated with realistic and detailed pictures that help tell the story of the incredible Joe DiMaggio and his hitting streak! The author puts you back in the game as you go with Joe to experience his record-breaking hits and how he helped America unite. Elementary-aged readers will love this baseball book and the player that covers its pages.

17. The William Hoy Story: How a Deaf Baseball Player Changed the Game


This touching biography tells the inspiring story of a deaf baseball player and the challenges he had to overcome. This picture book teaches kids to be persistent and persevere. Children from preschool through elementary school will enjoy reading about the contributions William Hoy made to baseball.

18. Mamie on the Mound: A Woman in Baseball’s Negro League


19. The Ballpark Mysteries # 15: The Baltimore Bandit


The Ballpark Mysteries chapter book series is for early readers. This story gives clues about a missing baseball glove that belonged to the famous Babe Ruth, as the main characters search for answers and try to solve the mystery! At the end of the book is a page full of facts and stats for all the baseball fans!

20. The Dogs Who Play Baseball


This book is based on a true story and will touch the hearts of readers, no matter what age! It tells the story of some kids from the city who train their dogs to play baseball. Middle school-age children will enjoy reading about the different breeds of dogs playing the positions on the field!

21. The Kid Who Only Hit Homers


Full of mysterious new baseball skills, the boy in the story transforms into the very best player when he has been the very worst! This fiction story packs a powerful punch with a moral to the story about teamwork. Bestselling author, Matt Christopher, knocks this one out of the park for upper elementary and middle school readers!

22. There’s No Crying in Baseball


This beginning chapter book, for first through third graders, is a great baseball story of how a boy gets injured before a big game. The boy in the story decides he wants to skip the big game against his teachers that he has been waiting on all year. The vibrant and bold illustrations will capture the attention of these young readers.

23. Derek Jeter Presents Night at The Stadium


This charming fiction tale is written by the best-selling author, Phil baseball player Derek Jeter! In this story, the Yankee Stadium comes to life for a young boy who gets separated from his adventurous family. While searching for his favorite player, the boy stumbles into a world of magical unknowns and learns all about baseball from behind the scenes.

24. Big Time Baseball Records


Written for older elementary-aged children, this book is packed full of nonfiction text features! The charts and photos add a nice touch to the text. The records made on the ball field come alive in the pages of this book and provide plenty of facts and stats for baseball fans!

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